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The best Norwegian casino?

Norske Automater Casino is a purely Norwegian casino. It is made with a focus only on Norwegian Internet users, and there is plenty of evidence for this.

The most important confirmation that can immediately scare off many users is the lack of English. Veks site, slots and more, all information is listed purely in Norwegian. In addition, there is the opportunity to change it to Swiss, which is also not very common around the world.

I believe that even if this is a custom casino that is made for Norwegian users, in any case, the site should have English, at least because registration in this place is available not only in Norway.

The lack of an international language is a huge minus, which must be corrected in my opinion, since online casinos are losing a huge number of customers, which is not good.

Secondly, the choice of currencies here is also limited only to Norwegian. The site has neither dollars, nor euros, nor any other currency, which can greatly affect the desire of players to use the services of this particular gaming platform.

And yet, despite these two significant drawbacks that catch your eye immediately after clicking on the link, Norske Automater is very popular among Internet users.

Confirmation of this is that the casino has been operating for more than 7 years, and this is quite a long time, given the fact that most of these platforms do not withstand competition and die within a year after creation.

What is there in Casino Norske Automate, which is not in all other online casinos. What does it take its customers with? This is what we learn in the review, as well as much more. As a result, you can precisely decide whether the game is worth the candle.

Perhaps gambling is not for you at all, and you decide not to risk the money you earned with difficulty. Or, on the contrary, make sure that such entertainment suits your nature just perfect.


To play on the Norske Automater Casino website, you need a computer and stable internet. Or not?

In fact, you can play anywhere and anytime, for this you can use both your mobile phone and tablet. In order to use the mobile version of the casino, you just need to go to the website, after which you will see all the available slots and entertainment that you can use only with your phone.

In that case, if you are a PC user, then you definitely will not have any problems. We go into the browser, find the site and play our favorite slots, only for playing for real money you need to go through the registration process.

Downloading additional software – this is the last century, now with the help of the latest and most modern technologies, much is possible that you could not even think of just a few years ago. You will be surprised if you know how much the gaming entertainment industry has stepped forward along with most of the best online casinos, one of which is Norske Automater Casino.

Mobile casino is compatible with both Android phones and iOS devices.

As for the computer version, everything is also very good with optimization, because browser slots from the best Norwegian casino are available to both Windows users and Mac.

As for the system requirements, they are really minimal. You will have enough of a very old computer in 2010 in order to fully enjoy the gameplay without noticing any lags and procrastination of slots.

Casino games and entertainment

At Norske Automater Casino you will find everything that a truly high-quality gaming establishment can offer.

You can’t even dream of more than you can find here.

An excellent live casino, which houses the most popular games among gamblers around the world. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and dozens of other equally well-known games are located in the live casino section.

What is this may beginners ask. This is such a function that allows you to play any other games in real time with other real players at home. To do this, use a stream that conveys a picture from the hall, where a real croupier deals cards to the table. In general, everything is just like in a real casino, but you don’t have to be dressed in a tuxedo, but you can just informally sit at home in shorts drinking a cup of coffee and chat with interesting people from all over the world. Although, it is unlikely that you will find many English-speaking users here.

The absence of this language is very hard on the casino, as I think, but in any case, the administration is more visible.

In addition, only the most popular and profitable slots from the best developers of the world are collected here.

Net, Microgaming, Amatic, Evolution Gaming and many other dealers make their games for this platform.

In order to make sure that the quality of all slots is at a completely different level compared to other institutions of this type, there is a special free play function.

It allows users to play any slot absolutely free. Of course, winning money doesn’t work out either, but it’s a great opportunity to test all the features and learn more about the rules of a particular game.

Indeed, in order to win the jackpot, you must at least know the basic rules of the slot you are playing.

In addition, you can decide whether to stay on this site or slot for a long time, even without going through the registration process.

Free play is available immediately after the transition to the site, even for those who have not yet reached the age of majority, unlike a real money game, which takes place only after registration and replenishment of the balance, as well as confirmation of your at least 18 years of age.

In order for users to feel comfortable and not to look for the necessary game in debt, all slots and entertainment are divided into various categories.

So it will be easier to find games with the largest jackpots, video poker, main slots, the most popular games on the site and those that were added recently.

There are sections for fans of card games and various lotteries.

To find a game, a special field will also help in which you can enter its name, after which it will immediately appear on your screen.

Getting registered

Surely, the majority of users interested in Norske Automater Casino are Norwegians and Swiss, in whose countries gambling has been valued for a long time.

When registering, they will not have exactly any problems, which cannot be said about other users, because depending on the region of your residence, access to NorskeAutomater Casino may be blocked in your country.

This does not mean that the platform is deceiving people or merging personal information, not at all. For work, NorskeAutomater Casino has all the necessary licenses and permits, just most likely, the laws of our country prohibit the operation of an online casino on its territory.

This may be due to various reasons, but the essence is the same, you, like minor users, are two categories of people who do not have access to this casino.

Creating an account on the site takes place in two simple and quick steps. To start registration, we find a button on a green background, which will be located in the upper right corner of your monitor. In the translation from Norwegian, the registration book is written there. Although, if you stayed to play on this site, then most likely you know what is written on this button.

You will remain on the main page of the site, but from above you will see a small registration form. The first step is to make the following entries:

  • Email Address
  • Password and its replay in the next field.
  • Select one of two available currencies.

The currencies of which countries are, you probably already guessed – Norwegian kroner and Swiss kroner.

By the way, this site has very serious password requirements, this is done so that users can feel the security completely protected.

Indeed, the protection of personal data is a task not only for the administration, but also for gamblers.

Next, you will need to enter some personal information Which one you will immediately see on the site. After that, select the country from the list of available, enter the phone number. Not to say that a lot of countries are available for registration directly. But among others, there are even Canada, Norway and New Zealand. Users from Australia, the USA, Mexico and many other countries were out of luck. And in principle, it would be difficult to play without knowing the Norwegian language, so you will not lose much. The registration process can be considered completed after filling in all fields.

Now, between you and the game for real money there is only the first deposit, as well as the opportunity to receive an excellent welcome bonus to start with a vengeance.

Deposit options and support

After you receive an email notification that the registration is completed, you can immediately proceed to make a deposit. This is done from your personal account.

Transaction security is guaranteed by the team behind this casino. If even one person’s data got into the network, or were stolen by scammers, then Casino Norske Automater could no longer enjoy the trust of its gamblers.

For this reason, huge amounts of money are spent on developing and improving new encryption methods, with which user data, including card numbers, personal information and more, can be safely stored on the company’s server under careful supervision.

No third parties will ever be able to access information about you, everything is transmitted in a secret code.

There are a huge number of possible deposit methods, absolutely any gambler, regardless of which country he is registered with, will find a convenient and most importantly safe opportunity to replenish his account.

In addition to this, the money will be credited to your account immediately after the payment has been processed.

Instructions for making deposits remain the same on many sites, because nevertheless the most convenient template has already been created during the development of online casinos.

First, we go to a separate section, which was created specifically for working with money. Here in different tabs you can find out the history of transactions for the past month, moreover, you can try to see all the bonuses received and not received, what bets you made, what games and at what time and much more.

Changing the details of your personal account can also be done in this tab.

Choose a Deposit, then simply follow the simplest instructions that are understandable to absolutely every person.

We confirm the payment in the most convenient way, after which we get the first bonus to our account and we rush to play in order to quickly win your first huge jackpot.

What problems may arise during making a deposit?

In fact, this can also happen, although rarely enough, but it depends on the stability of your Internet and many other details that depend on the casino only indirectly.

If money doesn’t come to your account for a long time, just start by refreshing the page, maybe then you will see that the money has already arrived.

If this does not help, then the second easiest option is to log in to your personal account, which can also easily help solve this problem.

The third option is that you can always contact support for help. To do this, there are as many as three options.

The first is to call the support number: +356 2034 1614.

This method is best suited for those who do not cost much, this is probably the fastest way, but also the most expensive. The second, slightly slower method is to use the live chat function in order to simply contact one of the support representatives in real time and find out all the nuances that interest you. You can try to contact this method from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 365 days a year without lunch. The delay before the operator enters the chat with you reaches a maximum of 30 seconds, then you will communicate and receive non-transient information immediately after asking a question.

The most outdated and inconvenient method, which is more suitable for introverts, is to write a letter to the support email in which to clarify the essence of the problem and everything that interests you. This method is the least effective among all the others, because in order to get an answer you have to spend a lot of time. In addition, if you do not accurately explain the essence of the problem or make a mistake in some data, then you have to once again create a ticket to the support service and start all over again. Also, the operator may ask you to clarify some data by sending you an email, then everything will be like in live chat only with a huge delay.

This method should be used only in the absence of all others.


Have you wanted to get a no deposit code 2021 for a long time? Bonus codes, free spins and many other gifts – this is one of the main chips of Norske Automater Casino.

The no deposit bonus, which can be obtained immediately after the completion of the account creation, amazes with its generosity.

Just log in and get 100 free spins, even without making a deposit. Just an incredible offer that can please both experienced gamblers and beginners in this industry.

If you have already used your no deposit code, then it’s time to get a welcome bonus and start playing seriously.

The maximum bonus amount you can get is as much as 1000 KR. This is a generous offer, even for international casinos, given the fact that you will get 100 spins just like that.

From time to time, various messages from the casino will be sent to your email.

There you can find promotions that are regularly held. All in order for users to be interested in using the services of Norske Automater Casino, which has established itself as one of the best in such a short period, although 7 years may seem like a long time, but do not forget about competitors that started in the 2000s years and did not even come to such a level of popularity.

The only negative is the lack of a loyalty program in this casino, which is usually found everywhere, but in fact the bonuses from it on other sites are quite illusory, so it’s silly to consider this a huge drawback.

Verification and withdrawals

Removing your winnings from a casino account to a card or an online wallet is always an exciting process, of course, I would like everything to happen as quickly as in the case of depositing money, but not so simple.

In order to be sure that you are not laundering money, you have only one account on the casino website, do not violate the various rules established by the site administration, you will need to undergo data verification.

This process is not required for all users, but most of the gamblers somehow come across it.

Do not be afraid of verification, it is very easy and simple if you deal with the main aspects.

To begin with, it is worth knowing that the quality of photos should be at least HD. All small details should be absolutely clearly visible when the image is enlarged, because in the opposite case, your request to go for revision, have to photograph the documents again and send them to the site.

If you are not sure about the quality of the camera that you have at home or is built into your phone, then to simplify the procedure, you can scan documents and then with one hundred percent probability everything will be fine.

Also, photograph so that the four corners of the document are visible, otherwise such a request will also remain without confirmation.

What documents may be needed? The most basic ones confirming your age, full name, address of residence and payment method.

Basically, the following set – ID card or, instead, a passport, driver’s license can be used. Further, the paid invoice for the apartment, where the indicated address of residence is clearly visible, while the invoice must be less than three months from the moment of sending the request for data verification.

Finally, in order to confirm the payment method, take a photo of the card on both sides. If another method was used, other evidence may be required.

In general, you decide this together with support, or in a special section on the site.

After that, you can withdraw funds in just a few minutes. The withdrawal will last 3-5 business days for the first time, and then it will be faster.

But, still, a lot depends on the region of residence and other aspects, so it’s impossible to say for sure.